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    上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司  |  Shanghai De Chen Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd.

    我们是由黄震博士及其合伙人2012年在上海创建的一家战略绩效管理咨询和培训公司,专注于帮助企业全面持久地提升战略绩效。我们的项目课题主要在以下三个方面: 加速企业业务增长, 改善企业成本和资产效益, 以及加强内部管理控制和绩效管理。

    作为咨询顾问、培训师或者是代理职业经理人(interim manager),我们在工作中为我们的客户承担不同的角色,满足不同的企业不同的服务要求。我们的客户来自不同的行业,其中既有大型企业集团及其子公司,也有中小型企业。

    在培训业务方面,我们是德国的CA管理控制学院在华独家授权合作伙伴。 CA是德语国家专门从事管理控制和管理控制师培训的市场领头羊,具有近45年的公司历史。

    We are a management consulting and training company founded by Dr. Zhen Huang and his partner in Shanghai in 2012. Our mission is assisting our clients achieving total performance excellence in their Business. We deliver our services focusing on the following management issues: Achieving and accelerating business growth, improving cost and capital efficiency, and enhancing and optimizing controlling & performance Management.

    As management consultant, in-house trainer or interim manager, we take different roles in our project work in order to meet different needs of our clients. Our clients are both large business organizations and small-to-medium-sized companies in different industries as well as in the non-profit sectors.

    In the field of management training, we are the exclusive co-operation partner of CA Controller Akademie in China. CA is the market leader for professional controlling and controller training in the German-speaking countries with nearly 45 years of company history.