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      >> GIC德中工商技术咨询服务有限公司 - 上海和北京分公司 (GIC上海和北京)  |  German Industry & Commerce Shanghai & Beijing Branch (GIC Shanghai & Beijing)

      GIC上海和北京是大中华区德国商会(German Chamber)上海和北京分会的服务机构,致力于为各自所在地区的德资企业提供全面服务,比如提供市场进入策划,寻找业务伙伴,帮助人员培训和人力资源发展,以及举办各类商务会展活动等等。

      我们的公开培训和专题研讨课程已收录于GIC上海和北京的培训课程目录, 这两个目录可以在其官方网站(下载。

      更多信息请联系GIC上海: +86-21-6875 8536 或者 GIC北京: +86-10-6539 6712。

      GIC Shanghai and Beijing are the service units of German Chamber (AHK) in Great China providing comprehensive professional services to member companies in the region, such as market entry planning, partnership building, and staff recruiting/training/development etc. as well as organization of diverse trade fairs and business events.

      Our public training program and special Seminars are listed in the annual seminar program of GIC Shanghai and Beijing, which can be downloaded from the official site of GIC (

      You can get more information from GIC Shanghai (+86 21 6875 8536) or GIC Beijing (+86 10 6539 6712) directly.

      • 培训合作伙伴

        >> DUSA - 苏州欧洲商会 | DUSA - European Association Suzhou

        苏州欧洲协会是一家总部位于江苏省苏州市的私营非盈利性企业协会, 成立于2002年11月,目前拥有超过150家公司会员和600多名个人成员,其成员主要分布在苏州及周边地区。


        更多信息请联系: +86 (512) 6699 3397, 网址

        DUSA - European Association Suzhou was founded in November 2002 as a non-profit business association based in Suzhou in the province Jiangsu.  It has more than 150 company members and about 600 individual members at the Moment which come from Suzhou and neighbouring Areas.

        Since the summer of 2013, DUSA has become our co-operation partner for our 5-stages controlling training program in Suzhou.

        Yan can contact DUSA (+86 512 6699 3397, directly for more information.