Topic outline

  • 咨询课题 | Consulting Topics

    我们的企业管理咨询包括以下课题 | We are offering consulting serices focusing on the following topics:

    >>优化管理控制和绩效管理 | Optimizing Controlling and Performance Management

    • 重组企业财务和管控职能,包括引入共享服务中心 | Re-organization of finance & controlling function, including introducing shared services 

    • 改进或优化企业计划和预算流程和体系 | Improving or optimizing planning & budgeting processes and systems

    • 优化各类成本核算和管理体系  | Optimizing cost accounting and cost management system

    • 改进内部管理报表的流程和质量  | Improving the processes and the quality of management reporting

    • 建立公司和业务层面财务预测模型,对损益、资产负债和现金流量进行一体化滚动预测 | Building financial model for integral rolling forecast of profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow account

    • 建立或优化企业内部各类项目管理控制体系 | Setting up or optimizing internal project controlling systems

    • 建立或优化企业内部投资管理控制体系 | Building up internal controlling system for capital expenditures

    • 建立或优化企业流动性管控体系, 包括短期和中长期流动性预测体系 | Building up or optimizing business liquidity controlling system, including short-term and middle-to-long term liquidity forecast system

    • 为企业引入以战略为导向的关键绩效指标报告和绩效测量体系 | Introducing a more strategy-aligned KPI reporting and performance measurement system

    • 在不同的职能部门,比如销售、生产、物料和研发等,引入或优化管理控制体系 | Introducing or optimizing controlling system in different functional areas, such as sales, production, logistics and R&D

    • 优化战略和业务层面的风险管理 | Optimizing strategic and operational risk management

    • 对不同职能部门的内控体系进行审计和优化 | Auditing and optimizing internal control systems in different functional Areas

    • 为上市公司或IPO预备企业建立以企业价值为导向的内部管理控制体系  |  Introducing value-based management and controlling system for public listed companies or IPO candidates

    >> 促进企业销售增长 | Optimizing Sales Growth

    • 编制商务计划, 以获得高盈利业务增长 | Developing business plans for more profitable growth
    • 引进或优化关键客户管理 | Introducing and optimizing key account Management
    • 建立销售管控体系,为企业提供销售增长的管理仪表板 | Building up sales controlling system providing management cockpit for sales growth 
    • 设计和实施“卓越销售”行动计划,提高销售职能的效率和效益 | Designing and implementing "Sales Excellence" program for more efficiency and effectiveness in the sales function
    • 加强和优化产品与服务管理 | Enhancing & optimizing product & services Management
    • 为企业并购决策做准备,例如识别和评估并购目标企业,进行商业尽职调查等 | Preparing M&A decisions, e.g. through target identification & evaluation as well as commercial due diligence etc.

    >>提高业务效率 | Improving Business Efficiency

    • 对企业进行业务重组,帮助企业扭亏增盈并改善现金流状况 | Business restructuring for fast-track turnaround & cash flow improvement

    • 建立或优化企业内部业务流程管理或作业流程管理体系 | Building up or optimizing business process or activity-based management

    • 优化营运资金管理系统 | Optimizing working capital management system

    • 策划并实施“卓越生产”行动计划 | Planning and implementing "Operational Excellence" initiatives

    • 并购后的整合项目和协同效益管理 | Post-merger-integration project and cross-boarder synergy management